Experience the culture. Gain confidence in speaking the language!

Our intensive courses are offered at two levels:

  • beginners (no prior knowledge of Greek is assumed)
  • advanced (students have existing knowledge of Greek)

Please follow the link for more information on which level is best for you.

Features of our courses include:

  • small groups of five to ten people (maximum)
  • exposure to the language in real communicative settings, as well as practice in real communicative situations
  • activities which ‘immerse’ students in the language: role-playing, group tasks, small projects
  • work with a wide range of texts in Greek, including excerpts from Greek literature, poetry, and mythology; as well as recipes, letters, emails and so on
  • strong audio-visual content, including images of Greek life drawn from pottery and paintings, as well as songs and movie clips
  • excursions to places of cultural significance (such as archaeological sites and museums) and encounters with local culture (from the open market, to dance, to local cuisine)

We would like to inform you that this year our courses will take place in Corfu, on the theme:
"Greek language and culture – the Corfu experience".

The classes are intensive (4 hours – or 2 hours if preferred), experiential, with many activities and opportunities to get to know Greek culture and tradition (guided tours, excursions, cooking, dancing, singing, etc).

The lessons will be at Casa Lucia, a green and tranquil space near the town of Corfu. Our cooperation with this centre is ideal because we combine the tranquility and the greenery of Corfiot nature, accommodation in beautiful, traditional houses, lessons in a large event room, and at the same time the opportunity to do various interesting activities related to health and well-being offered by Casa Lucia (including yoga, tai chi and “ensoma”: movement, sense and breath conditioning).

Course DatesDurationLevels Offered
25 June-1 July6 daysBeginners & Advanced
25 June-4 July10 daysBeginners & Advanced
30 August-5 September6 daysBeginners & Advanced
30 August-8 September10 daysBeginners & Advanced

Should you wish to come at another time, you can email us at enquiries, or include your request on the enrolment form. Please, review our terms and conditions.

Cost of courses:

7 days:

  • 4 hours per day + 2 guided tours - lessons in the town €350
  • 2 hours per day + 2 guided tours – lessons in the town €250
10 days:
  • 4 hours a day + 2 guided tours – lessons in the town €450
  • 2 hours per day + 2 guided tours – lessons in the town €300

A deposit of €150 must be sent with the Registration Form, either via bank transfer or on-line via PayPal. The balance of the fees must be paid 4 weeks before beginning the course.