Dialogue offers intensive courses for adults wanting to learn Greek, or improve their existing level of Greek.

Our programs combine language study, a chance to get to know Greece and Greek culture, and a vacation on the majestic island of Corfu.

Our students not only study the Greek language, but are also immersed in the culture, encountering local customs at first hand, seeing Greek history before their eyes, hearing its literature, poetry and songs, and so gaining a new understanding of the real Greece, its culture and people.

The programs are intended for those:

  • who want to build up basic language proficiency in Greek
  • who want to improve upon their existing level of Greek language proficiency
  • who already speak Greek but want to deepen their knowledge of Greek culture as well as improving their language skills
  • who are part of the Greek Diaspora, living outside of Greece itself
  • who have a special interest in Greek literature, history, or art
  • who study Greek as part of a college course (such as archaeology or classics)

Traditional dance lessons

This year in our programe are included traditional dance lessons by Fenia Kontou the organizer of "Μαζί χορεύουμε"- "Together We Dance in Pelekas", an event celebrating the traditional songs and dances of Corfu.

New interactive cultural activities in the idyllic location Casa Lucia on the 2018 Greek language course.

Now available: program in Athens.

Basic & Advanced level
Beginner level